Energy Star Christmas Lights

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Energy Star Christmas Lights – It is that time of the year to begin thinking about putting up your Christmas lights. Why not try something different this season? There are a few approaches you can spice up your Christmas lighting schemes. You can use your existing Christmas lights in new or unique ways. As an alternative, you can explore some of the newest Christmas lighting styles that are on the industry.

Of course the cheapest alternative is to re-use your old Christmas lights in ways that are different from this past year or previous years. If you are inclined to run a string across the front gutter of your house, try to change up things. Perhaps this year you can opt to illuminate the handrails of your front porch and the perimeter of your door. Experiment with various ideas. Maybe you have a few front trees that can be strung with lights while maintaining your home unadorned. Think outside your traditional Christmas lighting ideas. You can try out a number of different lighting ideas. If a new thought neglects to appeal to you, just take it down and try something fresh.

A more expensive method of shifting things up, is to put money into fresh Christmas lighting. With the newer lighter and more energy efficient lights on the current market, you even be saving money in the long term. Nowadays more energy efficient lighting will have a positive impact on your electricity bill. If you do not have the budget for fresh Christmas lights this season, think about purchase a single”focus” piece. The accession of the ball to your existing strings of lighting will add some glow.

A word of caution if you’re thinking about whether to get new Christmas lighting. Christmas lights trends tend to go and come. What appeared magnificent and lovely one year might not look so spectacular the next year. I learned this lesson using icicle lights. The first year that they were on the market I adored them. They seemed so fresh and sparkly. The next year their popularity appeared to explode and every second home was adorned with icicle lighting. I quickly tired of icicle lights. I recommend not spending very much money on the brand new Christmas trend. I tend towards more subtle standard lighting schemes, wait a couple of years before buying in the newest Christmas lights trends and you will not be as inclined to make a mistake.